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MasterChef Street Food Bus goes on tour with Foodies Festival

What do you get when you combine the UK’s biggest celebration of food and drink and the most popular TV cooking competition? The answer is the MasterChef Street Food Bus, which will appear at Foodies Festivals across the UK this summer.

The striking silver double decker bus with its distinctive orange and black MasterChef branding and hydraulically-raised roof, will greet visitors at Foodies Festivals offering a unique feasting experience where MasterChef maestros, Mat and Jackie among them, will be cooking up a storm in the purpose built kitchen downstairs. Visitors upstairs can feast on such street food treats as smoky chicken burger served with salad & yuzu chilli sauce, Singapore Softie (an irresistible combo of deep-fried soft shell crab with aubergine, green bean & cauliflower on egg noodles with spicy chilli crab bacon, American cheese, pickled veggie ribbons & gochujang burger sauce & salad, all served in a crusty roll) and lemon & lavender ice cream.

Exhibition Director Sue Hitchen commented: “We are delighted that Masterchef chose to go on tour with their new Street Food Bus at Foodies Festivals. We have always championed Street food by presenting a Street Food Avenue at every festival and it is now a key part of the UK dining culture.”

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