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#EdFashion Hour - Sunday 29th March at 9pm

I think you’ll agree with us that #EdFashionWeek was amazing for Edinburgh, its people, businesses and tourists. It brought everyone who enjoys fashion, design and creativity together and created a community and momentum that we don’t want to see just fade away.

Here at #EdFashion we want, like so many of you, to maintain and build upon the pride and buzz #EdFashionWeek has generated, by collaborating with creatives and encouraging you to include #EdFashion in your daily posts, building a stream of creative news for people to read, enjoy and share.

On Sunday 29th March at 9pm, we will be hosting our first-ever #EdFashion hour, inviting you, the designers and boutique owners, bloggers and photographers, models and stylists, MUAs and hair, event and fashion show producers, and anyone who wants to join in, to take part and discuss six set questions below.

Please start your answer to Q1 with A1, Q2 with A2 etc. and include #EdFashion in your answers and replies. We suggest using Hootsuite or TweetDeck and adding a column for #EdFashion so you can easily follow the conversation and interact with others.


Q1. Introduce yourself - your name, what you do (designer, blogger, photographer, model etc.) and the first half of your postcode. Remember to include #EdFashion in your tweets.


Q2. What was your latest project/blog/shoot? Share your links and pictures.


Q3. Name your favourite clothing store(s) in Edinburgh and why is it your favourite?


Q4. Do you think Edinburgh celebrates fashion and the creative industries enough? Is there something you would like to see more of?


Q5. How would you describe your style? What and who inspires you?


Q6. What is the next Edinburgh fashion event in your diary?

We plan to host #EdFashion hour at 9pm on the last Sunday of every month, so pop it in the diary and make sure you are following us on Twitter and Instagram for the next set of questions.

If you have a question you think should be discussed please email it to

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